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Schalke SMT-M-100-BDE Modular Production and Service Locomotive


- Wide range of applications: designed for use as both production and service locomotives

- Simple but robust with technically outstanding design
- Modular design with various track gauges, weights, couplings,etc.
- Various power units available: Battery-Powerpack, Diesel-Powerpack or electrically powered via overhead catenary
Product Introduction

Technical Data:

Power Modules: Powerpacks (Battery and Diesel), Pantograph

Power Transmission: AC

Weight: 10-18 T

Axle Arrangement: Bogies

Track Gauge: 700-1435 mm

Power: 100kW

Length: 6660 mm

Width: 1150-1600 mm

Height: 1800 mm

Maximum Speed: 15km/h

Tractive Effort: 20,0-35,0kN(at μ = 0.2)

Transport Capacity: Fully Loasded Train: 150 T